New Evening Activity at Haven

Haven Holiday Parks are situated on some of the most attractive coastal areas in Britain, and are alongside nature reserves, areas of outstanding natural beauty and sites of special scientific interest. This means that you are staying in a really attractive area and that it is in Haven’s interests to keep it that way. All of their parks have achieved a David Bellamy conservation award with most of them being at gold standard.

They have already taken action around reducing their carbon footprint by adding additional insulation to their caravans, hippo blocks in the toilets and in 2011 they with the help of their guests recycled the equivalent weight of over 200 double decker buses. The parks have their own green teams and some either have or work with a Park Ranger to help protect the local wildlife around the site but also to teach the people who chose a Haven holiday about all the wonderful species of plants and animals around the park.

This summer you need to remember to pack a torch for you Haven holiday and then you will be able to take part in a Wildlife Detectives Dusk  Walk.  This is an activity for the whole family to take part in and you will be encouraged to use your other senses not just your eyes, so smell the flowers, listen to the hoot of owls , or the sound of hedgehogs scrambling through the leaf litter on the ground. The children might be able to hear the high pitched squeak of bats whereas us oldies will have lost that ability.  To help you get the most from your walk you get a spotters guide which you can use on walks in the surrounding countryside when you get home.  If you enjoy the walk then why not join your local Wildlife Trust they produce lots of guides and offer talks that you can attend as well as producing a monthly magazine for adults and a separate one for children.

There will be daytime Wildlife Detective activities as well such as walks, fossil hunting and older children can go orienteering. So why not devote at least one day of your holiday to exploring and learning about the local wildlife all the other great things about a Haven holiday such as the great entertainment and the splash zone will all still be there the next day. There is so much to see and do on a Haven holiday and now the range just got even bigger.

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