Edinburgh’s Amazing Festivals

The Scottish city of Edinburgh, traditionally known as “Auld Reekie”, plays host to an impressive number of festivals throughout the year. Tourists flock to the city in their droves to enjoy festivals such as the International Storytelling Festival, which is particularly popular with families and children, the Jazz & Blues festival, which attracts music fanatics from all around the world, and of course the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is the biggest arts festival in the world and sees the city literally flooded with thousands of performers during the month of August.

This infographic illustrates just how full the Edinburgh festival calendar is, with a different festival happening in the city on an almost monthly basis. Of course, Summer is a particularly popular time for festivals, as the improvement in the weather allows for more outdoors activities, such as open air concerts and performances.

As the infographic demonstrates, the impact of these festivals on the amount of money spent by visitors to Scotland as a whole is immense, with Edinburgh’s income from visitor expenditure reaching almost £250 million annually. Perhaps more Uk cities should take note of Edinburgh’s success and introduce more festivals into their own annual goings on!


Image credit: “Edinburgh: The Festival Effect” was produced by Lodging World.

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