The Best Edinburgh Events

Edinburgh is so much more than just the capital city of Scotland; it is a hive of activity, a cultural cosmopolitan melting pot situated in the northerly part of the United Kingdom. Its exciting urban atmosphere has something to satisfy every type of tourist all year round.

Edinburgh is known as the ‘festival city’ of Scotland and there is always something happening in terms of entertainment and having been a tourist here I can whole heartedly understand that it can be difficult to know where you should begin amongst all of the possibilities. So I thought to help prospective visitors to Scotland’s capital city id compile a list of my all-time favourite events going on throughout the course of any given year.

Edinburgh Tattoo – This ceremony attracts people from the world over, listen for the lone bagpiper on Edinburgh’s gothic castle. The whole event is enough to make the hair on one’s neck hair stand on end and makes me at least want to get into costume and act like a character from Brave heart.

Edinburgh Film Festival – June plays host to the glamorous film festival which brings a little bit of Hollywood and Bollywood to Edinburgh’s Holyrood.  Interestingly this festival manages to reel in some big stars from London and further afield. There is something for every taste at this event including local productions and the usual block buster.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Possibly one of the most iconic festivals in Scotland, August plays venue to a host of talents which is year on year getting more and more popular. Venues from across the city and the Royal Mile are used during the month for this event, the fringe festival gives the beholder a real opening for fantastic nights out.

Edinburgh Jazz Festival – July plays host to the cities Jazz and blues festival and makes for a week of fantastic acoustics which welcome audiences of all ages and performances from all ages as well. Listen to the music which made these tunes into their own genre as well as the more contemporary melodies of recent years, a real treat for the ears.

Edinburgh Hogmanay – New Years eve for the rest of us, around the world the most notable holiday in the calendar celebrated the world over in so many different ways with no exception Scotland and the city of Edinburgh play host to a range of events which can satisfy every desire, party in the pubs followed by dancing in the streets, or partake in a firework display or wander the city with an old fashioned torch like they might have in bygone years.

What better place to be than the great city of Edinburgh? With transport costs so low, there is no reason not to visit.

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