The Dorset Seafood Festival

If you love seafood then why not take a trip to Weymouth Harbour in Dorset for the weekend of 7th and 8th of July there is so much to see and do and taste and smell!

You can watch the professionals with cookery demonstrations from Ashley Palmer Watts and  Tim Maddams and John Wright from River Cottage showing new recipes, encouraging you to try new types of fish and seafood and how to prepare them. From sushi through to So try out the filleting master class so you’ll be able to impress family and friends when you serve up delectable bone free fish suppers.There will be the chance to get your hands dirty in the Lesley Waters Cookery School.  You can also look out for emerging talent as the The Dorset Young Seafood MasterChef of the Year Competition will be held throughout the weekends.

If eating fish really isn’t your thing then don’t worry there are touch pools for the children to enjoy, and whatever you do don’t miss the opening event. Sarah Ayton double Olympic gold medal champion will be opening the show and starting the Weird Fish Cross Harbour Challenge where mad people swim across the harbour for an oyster and a glass of champagne. There’s also wine tasting and a session by wine writer Susy Atkins on the best in Chilean wines. The whole event is sponsored by Pommery Champagne and any profits go to the Fishermans’ Mission so you’ll be supporting a worthy cause. There will also be a diving tank with demonstrations by the Historical Diving Society.

The purpose of the festival is to promote seafood and educate people about the fish’s journey from the sea to the plate. It demonstrates the role of the fisherman and the often hard and dangerous life he leads. It’s a great opportunity for Dorset businesses to network and most restaurants in the area are offering specialist fish dishes over the weekend.

The Weymouth waterfront is worthy of a visit in it’s own right as it is steeped in tradition having been a harbour since the 17th Century and has historical connections from the Spanish Armada through to the D-Day landings. This year it’s creating a new bit of history as it has been selected to be the host for the sailing events for the London 2012 Olympic Games. So take the chance to explore the town a bit before it’s in preparation for the event.

Other things to visit in Weymouth are the Sea Life Centre, the beautiful sandy beach, Pirate Adventure Golf and Sandworld.

So why not head on down to Weymouth and treat yourself to along weekend- Weymouth is in the heart of the South Coast tourist belt so there are lots of holiday cottages and apartments to rent as well as hotels to stay in. It really will be an action packed weekend and there might even be an opportunity for some celebrity chef spotting.

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