Dog friendly cottages in Northumberland

Increasingly we are seeing more people wanting to bring their dogs on holiday with them. If this is your first holiday with your pets then there are a number of guidelines to help you chose an ideal pet friendly holiday. Before we get down to the basics it is important to say that most dog owners are responsible people. They know that finding a good holiday cottage which they can bring their dogs back to year after year is priceless. Because of this they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the house is left clean and tidy. Anyway these are the guidelines

1. Enclosed garden and some security so that your dogs can’t easily escape. The way that holiday homes are photographed means that you will rarely see the busy road at the foot of the garden or appreciate that there is no proper fence between your holiday home and the neighbours garden.

2. Hard standing or pebbled area outside. When the rains come it can be difficult to get the dogs clean before they come into the house. Having hard standing outside will make it so much easier to dry them.

3. External hose pipe to wash them down. An obvious but often overlooked point.

4. External kennels or a dog run to allow them to dry off before coming inside. We have seen many variations on this from a proper wooden kennel through to old outbuildings which the dogs can shelter in.

5. Inside having a non carpeted area is great. Whether it’s a laminate floor or tiles it will provide a final cleaning area before the dogs are allowed on the carpets. When we take our dogs to the beach we know that no matter how much we try they will not be clean of all the sand. Leave them on the kitchen tiles and 30 minutes later sweep up the last pile of sand!

6. No low ornaments. Some houses are like a dolls emporium with precious china ornaments on tables. These are a magnet for the wagging tail and can bring grief when broken.

7. Walks nearby. It is always asking about local walks. Even if its just an evening walk along a small stream the fact that you don’t need to get the car out is a tremendous benefit.

Three working collies from the College Valley in Northumberland.

College Valley in Northumberland

and two of our border collies on a the beach at Northumberland

College Valley in Northumberland

This article was written by Mike Holly. Mike lives and works in Northumberland and enjoys taking his four border collies on dog friendly holidays.

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