Cheap & Value for Money – what’s the Difference?

Cheap and Value for Money are 2 similar sounding words yet they portray different meanings to different people.

However as 2009 is a global recession year, there are many consumers ‘downgrading’ so where someone may have opted for 4/5 star hotels, they are now considering 2/3 star hotel breaks.

There is almost a niche opening up for budget brands to step up and increase their quality whilst trying to maintain their ‘cheap’ value for money positioning.

Cheap does not need to mean dirty, damp and horrid. Cheap in 2009 for many is choosing to shop at Morrisons instead of Waitrose or staying in the UK as opposed to travelling to Europe.

Cheap in 2009 means obtaining more value for our money. Cheap short breaks in 2009 will be about providers offering the best incentives and value in return for marketshare.

Budget hotel chains are at war with each other and for many that wish to perhaps downgrade from a short break hotelier to a basic accommodation hotel the market for budget hotels is going to be one of big marketshare!

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