Caravan Holidays Guide

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What is a Caravan Holiday?

A caravan break is normally a short break with accommodation provided in a mobile home. There are several caravan holiday breaks that include hiring of the caravan whilst you are staying. Some holiday parks have their own caravans and some allow private caravan owners to rent out their caravans within the park. The prices in this case may differ as private fees will differ on location, size and quality. There are different sized caravans depending on how many people are travelling on your break. A caravan tends to be smaller than an apartment but would include the normal rooms and utilities you would expect in an apartment holiday. A caravan break is normally self catering so you would need to take your own food.

Expect to have a living space dependant on the budget you have available and the size of your party. The caravan space is adequate and has the basics things you need to enjoy your break. You should be provided with pots and pans, cutlery, plates, tin opener, beds and bedding, fridge, cooker and seating area. You will have a toilet and a shower so you can freshen up. There will be lots of other caravans in close proximity to your own so you will have neighbours.

When staying at a holiday park you will be close to basic amenities so you will be able to purchase food and enjoy some activities but you can research this depending on which park you choose. Like every holiday destination things will be more expensive so take what you can to minimise costs in respect of cooking for yourself. Choose a holiday park with things of interest to you before you book so when you arrive you have plenty to do depending on your own interest and who you are travelling with. Amenities will vary from park to park and location to location but as a general rule there is normally an outdoor play area similar to a local park, there is often swimming facilities, and if it’s a holiday park some clubs for the kids, evening restaurants/bars for the adults. There tends to be a launderette nearby to enable washing and drying of clothes as like with most holiday accommodation a washing machine is not normally available within the caravan.

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Benefits of a caravan holiday

The caravan break tends to be cheaper than other types of holiday accommodation so it makes it very affordable for families, couples and single people. In reality when enjoying a short break little time is spent at your residential base so the small size and basics are all that is required making caravan breaks appealing. They are mobile unless you have decided to lease a static caravan from a holiday park. The mobility means your accommodation follows you wherever you choose to explore for the duration of your holiday. When you have children this makes a very long journey bearable as they can play in their room or take a nap in a bed whilst you take a few stops on your travels.

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Types of caravan break


You can choose from a touring break where you take your own caravan and then pay a pitching fee to park the caravan at a specified plot as arranged with the holiday provider. These fees can be minimal and sometimes when there are great deals can be less than parking your car for a day in a private car park. When it is summer season and the holiday peak it is likely to increase due to demand so keep your eyes peeled for early bird offers and last minute deals.

Static Caravans

You can also hire a pre-parked caravan within a holiday park when booking with the holiday provider but ensure that you have checked what is provided in your caravan and if there are any rules for example age restrictions for booking, if the caravan is child friendly, or whether you take animals or whether there are any hidden costs.

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What to take with you on a caravan holiday

You should take your basic essentials including toiletries, toilet roll if not provided, washing up liquid, food, bedding is normally provided but you may want to contact the caravan owner to confirm.

Again researching what is available and ensuring that your caravan suits those travelling with you will make it easier to decide what you need to take. For example you would not necessarily pack a plaster on your holiday if you were travelling alone, however if you have young children then perhaps this would essential to your packing.

If you have children it is worth considering taking a travel cot if required and some toys and things to do for children whilst you are cooking and showering. Board games are great, stories, puzzles, colouring and a few favourite toys. If you have a television in your caravan then check you have the channels that would appeal to your family. You may consider taking a few films or computer games if there is a DVD player in the caravan or computer playing equipment. Always check with the caravan park if you are unsure to avoid unnecessary packing.

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Additional items you might like to pack

Below are some additional items worth considering – not all essential but are certainly useful should the need arise:
  • Torch
  • Wet Wipes
  • Wellington Boots
  • Flip Flops
  • Books/Magazines
  • Waterproofs depending on weather
  • Tea Towel
  • Iron
  • Jay Cloths to wipe down surfaces after meals
  • Not all caravans have Freezer Space
  • Map
  • Shampoo and Shower Gel/Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Towels for Showering and the Beach

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Location and amenities

Most caravan holiday parks have a selection of outdoor and indoor activities available to use as part of the holiday package. Many have family activities like swimming, children’s clubs and shows, local eateries and entertainment so these are normally a short walk away. The location of caravans are spread across the UK, from Southern and South West of England to South Wales, coastal Scotland and Ireland. Coastal caravan breaks are certainly the most popular, but you will also find caravan locations around countrysides and popular walking destinations near forests and hills. It makes for a great, cheaper alternative accommodation for those less fussed with the pleasures of a fancy hotel or apartment, especially when you’re planning to be out and about most of the day.

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