Why Caravan Holidays Are More Popular Than Ever

People who took regular caravan holidays used to be looked upon as figures of fun.  All of those jokes about his and hers matching anoraks and flasks of tea by the side of the road have left caravan holidays with a less than popular image.  Yet these days there are more people taking caravan holidays in and around the UK than ever before.

Since the latest economic downturn the popularity of holidaying in the UK has increased dramatically and camping, caravan holidays and cottage holidays have all seen an increase in numbers in the last couple of years; after all with such wonderful countryside on your doorstep why spend money paying for long and uncomfortable fights abroad?

No Passport Required

The cost of buying passports for the family to go abroad is bordering on the cost of a week’s holiday in the UK itself; this is something that more and more families are coming to realise.  The cost of holidaying abroad is now out of the reach of a lot of family’s holiday budget, so they are looking for alternative family holidays in the UK.

Sales of camping equipment and supplies have seen a marked increase, and where once a couple may have enjoyed camping together in a tent they are now finding that with a young family in tow, a caravan holiday offers a more safe and secure accommodation option.  Sales of static caravans complete with full plumbing, electricity and heating, sited on holiday parks up and down the country have increased as more families are realising just what a cost effective option taking a holiday in the UK actually is.

Benefits of Holidays at Home

There are lots of benefits that come with holidaying in the UK that people tend to forget.  First off, there are no long waits in airport departure lounges and no unidentifiable airline food to suffer and no customs officers.  There is also no need to worry about foreign currency, or having to work out if the price for something is good value or not as there are no exchange rates to worry about.

If someone should fall ill or have an accident and get hurt we can access the National Health Service anywhere in the UK without having to fill out lots of forms or needing special insurance.  There is no having to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road or trying to figure out road signs in foreign languages and best of all, if you are taking a holiday in your own caravan when you get tired of a place you can hook your caravan back up to your car and move somewhere else.

Community Spirit

I have found that there is something about the range of diverse people that you meet on caravan and camping sites that gives it a real sense of community, something that is lacking in our towns and cities.  Yes there are caravan clubs that have regular social gatherings, but even if you are not in one of those clubs and have just parked up for an overnight stay, these really happy campers are friendly and welcoming and are more than happy to welcome you into their community.

It doesn’t matter what kind of social background you come from, the size of your caravan or the make of the car that’s towing it, the fact that you are on a caravan holiday is enough of a bond for you to be made more than welcome.  Once you have taken a holiday at home in the UK you may never travel abroad for another holiday again.  I know I won’t.

Caravans for hire are available from locations all over the UK so you should have no trouble finding one that is ideal.  Give caravanning a chance – you won’t regret it!

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