Bypass Holiday Rail Disruption When Travelling by Coach

National Express FJ59ARFTravelling on bank holidays can be both exciting and frustrating. If you are travelling by rail you often run the risk of encountering disruption in service during these extremely busy times. This can delay your travel and make reaching your destination more difficult. It is possible to avoid this rail disruption by simply opting for another method of travel during these holiday periods. One way that you will encounter significant benefit is to travel by coach.

Multiple Destinations

When it comes to destinations you will find that you are no more limited when travelling by coach than you are when you travel by rail. Most of the services that offer coach travel operate out of every major city that you would be planning to depart or arrive in through your rail travel. Coach also operates a full schedule that includes weekends and bank holidays. This allows you the comfort of knowing that you will arrive to your destination when you need to without service disruptions. Because rail travel is often chosen during bank holidays it can be quite busy and end up with disruptions that can hinder your trip.

Comfortable Travel

Along with knowing that you will arrive on time, it is important to know that your travel will be comfortable. With coach travel you are able to relax and be worry-free throughout your trip. You will be greeted with comfortable seats and a temperature controlled environment on your journey. Families, friends and other groups can arrange to sit together if desired; but there is a space for those who are travelling alone as well. Luggage travels in a separate compartment so that your space is not occupied by your baggage.


Like rail service you will find that coach travel can be quite affordable. Often the best deals can be found by purchasing your travel tickets in advance whenever possible. This is especially true if you will be travelling during a holiday period. The cost of coach travel is often affected by the distance of the trip and the departing and arrival locations.

While rail travel is often a preferred choice for many, at times there are disadvantages. One of those times is during bank holidays when there are likely to be more rail disruptions than are typical. The best way to avoid this problem and ensure that your travel plans are not affected is to select coach travel on your next holiday trip.

Image: National Express FJ59ARF by didbygraham, on Flickr

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