Bringing Baby on Holiday in the UK

Baby on BoardFor many people in the UK, holidaying abroad has temporarily been put on hold due to the tightening of purse strings. Instead, many people are looking at places to visit on holiday through the UK for a “staycation”. No long flights means travelling to our chosen destination is much simpler.

A great option is to travel by car this summer, taking your little bundles of joy along for the trip. Choosing a hotel for a weekend or holiday can be difficult at the best of times, and finding a hotel that welcomes children can seem almost impossible. If you’re unsure of what places are baby friendly, read on…


Forming the south-west tip of England, Cornwall is a ceremonial county and unitary authority of England. Bordered to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall is a county that is waiting to be explored. First inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods, Cornwall has various sites of interest to visit. In terms of accommodation, there is a variety of accommodation available through the county that is child friendly. There are a number of hotels that specifically cater for families with small children, and some even have trained nannies. From childcare to baby equipment like cots and high chairs, there isn’t much more you could need when on your holiday!


A ceremonial county located in the south-west of England, Wiltshire is landlocked by the counties of Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Characterised by its high downland and wide valleys, Wiltshire is visited by thousands of people per year who travel from around the UK as well as across the world. In regards to accommodation, many of the hotels in Wiltshire are set in spectacular grounds. Similar to the hotels found in Cornwall as mentioned previously, many of the hotels found in Wiltshire are also child friendly. You can expect high levels of service, in addition to all the amenities you could need when you’re visiting.

Last minute checks

When you’re travelling by car to any destination in the UK, it is important you check the finer details first. If you are bringing baby along, make sure to have them properly secured in the car. You will also need an up-to-date MOT, tax disc, and insurance policy. If you are in a hurry to arrange your insurance before you travel, compare car insurance online to find policies at the press of a button.

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