Brighton’s Overlooked Attractions

Brighton PierBrighton

The seaside town that made sea bathing popular in the Victorian era. The ordinary tourist areas are well documented, but here are a few of the sights that outsiders might not be aware of.

Bohdi, the skateboarding dog.

Bohdi is a little Lakeland terrier who likes nothing more than to whizz around the shopping precincts in the North Laine area on his very own skateboard. If you want to see Bohdi, who is a popular sight among the locals, you may have to move fast. Following a single complaint from a member of the public, the council have pointed out to Bohdi’s owner that he needs to wear a lead whilst on the streets. A member of the council said that Bohdi is welcome to continue his antics in the parks, but if he skated on the streets without a lead, he could be issued with an As-bone.

Knitted living room.

Odd, yes, but in a good cause. Over the course of 3 months, 25 members of the Goodwill co-op have knitted a life-sized front room, complete with knitted local paper and knitted cat, with the aim of raising money for charity. The living room can be replicated by any keen knitter, as the patterns for the furniture and fittings are for sale, so grab your needles, buy the book and start knitting. It may be the best way of getting on the property ladder…

World Naked Bike ride.

The motto for this ride is ‘go as bare as you dare’ and the riders (over 700 of them at the last ride) do exactly that! If you are of a slightly sensitive nature, then you may wish to avoid getting caught in one of the many traffic jams in the area when this annual event occurs. It’s all in a good cause, aiming to raise awareness about global warning, but beware! You may see more than you bargained for.

Image: “Brighton Pier by tanvach, on Flickr”

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