News: Why booking your romantic Valentine’s breaks late is good (and bad!)

When booking your next romantic break what are you searching for? Unless you’re in a loving relationship with your Valentine, telling your partner you’re looking for a cheap romantic short break will probably put you in the dog house. Fret not! Romantic short breaks do not need to cost an arm and a leg, if you know where to look… Valentine’s may not be such a drain on the purse or wallet this year.

Booking romantic short breaks late – a good choice!

Booking a romantic short break late can save you hundreds of pounds with many cheap offers and discounts offered to entice customers late on. In 2009, 2 key things are set to stand out: booking late and booking package deals. Both can make you a winner this Valentines.

What to look for; Valentine’s campaigns usually start around mid-January time, as people have settled into the new year. You’re back into the swing of life after time off over Christmas and the New Year so now is the time companies invest heavily in marketing. Bide your time.

If you can hold your nerve to the first week of February you’ll be able to grab yourself a bargain. Wait until the second week of February and chances are you’ll save hundreds on a quality cheap romantic short break – that is, before the 14th :)

Booking romantic short breaks late – a bad choice!

So we’ve just discussed why booking late can be good but booking early could be even better! Since 2009 is going to be tough not only for consumers (that’s me and you) but also travel companies, there will be fierce competition to get ‘cash in the bank’ as early as possible. Expect a frenzy of activity as short breaks providers, hoteliers and holiday camps battle it out for your business.

Booking early could also save you many hundreds of pounds but also offer you a wider choice as there will be more availability. Our tip? Book early and grab a great deal!

So will you book your romantic Valentines short break early or late?

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