Five Bonkers Things to Do in September

Patagonia1. Compete against the UK’s leading air guitarists to impress the crowd at the Air Guitar Championships in Brighton on September 9th 2011.

Entrants may compete as a solo artist or team up with friends to form an air guitar rock band. Fancy dress optional. Good sense of humour essential.

2. Get down and dirty at the National Mud Festival in Llanelli, Wales.

Festival events include a mud safari, mud sculpting, mud facials, a “mud of war” contest and a family welly wanging competition in which entrants compete to see who can throw a welly the farthest.

3. Take part in the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships by throwing a black pudding wrapped up inside a pair of ladies tights at a tower of Yorkshire puddings.

The puddings will be on a raised platform twenty feet high and the winner is the one who knocks down the most. Simple! The championships take place on the second Sunday of September (this year that’s the 11th) on Bridge Street in Ramsbottom, Lancashire.

4. Celebrate the humble crab apple at the Egremont Crab Fair on 17th September.

The fair sees a whole day of bonkers activities but is crowned with perhaps the most famous – the World Gurning Championships. Contestants puts their heads through a horse collar and compete to pull the most grotesque and silly expressions possible. Whoever the crowd determines has pulled the ugliest face is the champion!

5. Skim your way to victory at the World Stone Skimming Championships on Easdale Island (near the Isle of Mull in Scotland) on 25th September, 2011.

This annual event has become increasingly popular over the years and now attracts competitors from all around the world, as well as television crews, reporters from many national newspapers and hundreds of spectators. The contest is open to all and there are no restrictions on age or skill level.

Image: Patagonia by k1llYRid0ls, on Flickr

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