Best value holiday cottages in Northumberland

Northumberland is the least populated county in England. From the golden sands of the coast to the Cheviot hills and Border Reiver Country around Hadrian’s Wall you have a wide selection of properties to choose from for your ideal country holiday. But how do you make this choice? What should you look for and what should you avoid?

These are the guidelines you need :

  1. The Northumberland Coast is extremely popular. The holiday cottages along the coast sell out first and prices here will always carry a substantial premium. Sometimes being able to walk out the door and straight onto the beach is priceless. But if you are prepared to travel for say 20 minutes to reach the beach then there are great alternatives.
  2. There are some truly isolated and remote country cottages which you can hire. These might be miles up a single track private road and have no mobile or TV reception. But you will get true tranquility and at night, with no light pollution , you will see the stars as they should be viewed.
  3. Dog friendly holiday cottages. Many families love to take their dogs on holiday. Some cottages allow just one dog whilst others are not so concerned. If you can find a holiday cottage which ticks all the points on our guide to dog friendly holidays then this will be one holiday home you will want to keep coming back to.
  4. What are the neighbours like? We have seen cottages advertised where careful photography excludes the busy road, doesn’t show exactly how steep those DIY stairs are and makes a small kitchen look fit for Gordon Ramsay. It can be difficult to spot something which isn’t mentioned but we will provide a check list of what to look out for. It is always a good idea to make sure that you write down what you consider as important and send that to the owner or agency. We will help you to prepare the type of questions you should ask.
  5. Will you be looking for a child friendly holiday cottage? Then you will need extra room inside and there are health and safety considerations. Again do not take the property description at face value. The problems will never be listed…you need to ask!
  6. Unfortunately every holiday will hit a rainy day or two and you need to plan for this. What are the local attractions like? Are they suitable for children and do they stay open once the peak tourist time has ended. We will explain the best attractions to plan your visit around.
  7. How can you get reviews about the cottage you want to hire? Should you believe those testimonials? Again we offer advice obtained over many years of helping people find their ideal country holiday in Northumberland.

All this and more will be discussed in the further blogs but for the moment lets take a break and visit Alnmouth. A small port situated on the Northumberland coast about 4 miles to the East of Alnwick it offers a beautiful sandy harbour alongside a small golf course. The port has shops, good quality pubs and a lovely atmosphere.

This is a picture along the beach at Alnmouth

and this is the view inland over the golf course towards the port itself

In our next blog we will talk about choosing a holiday cottage along the Northumberland Coast, where the best places are and how far in land should you go to still have easy access to the coast.

Further reading:-

Wikipedia and the Northumberland Tourism websites.

This article was written exclusively for Cheap UK Short Breaks Reviewed by Mike Holly.

Mike lives and works in Northumberland.

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