Apex Edinburgh Hotels

Comfort and Style for any occasion…

Apex Edinburgh hotels have four separate locations throughout the city that offer up exactly what is needed for any style of traveller. Because Apex always places their hotels in busy city centres you will find no shortage of things to occupy your day while enjoying your evening at the hotel. Whether your trip is designed for business or leisure the comforts and amenities offered at each Apex Edinburgh Hotel will ensure that your stay is a pleasurable one. Luxury accommodation, top quality amenities, friendly service and affordable prices make each of these locations an ideal choice on your trip.

Luxury Accommodation

The moment you set foot into your room at any of the Apex Edinburgh Hotels you will find that you have opted to stay in comfort and style. Each guest is given four star luxury with their reservation. The rooms come with standard features such as a widescreen TV, WiFi internet access, free newspaper and coffee.

 Upgraded rooms may include even more features such as cosy robes and snacks. Even the colours chosen for each room have been selected with your comfort and relaxation in mind.

Each hotel is located in its own area of the city centre which brings you near to activities like shopping and sightseeing. You can easily spend a day exploring the city knowing that you can return to rest in elegance and luxury.

Top Quality Amenities

Three of the four Apex Edinburgh Hotels offer amenities that allow you the comfort and leisure you expect of a luxury hotel. If staying in is more your style, then spend a day lounging by the luxurious indoor pool that is present at these locations. Whether you opt to take a dip in the water or simply relax poolside and watch others, you will find it to be relaxing and restful to enjoy a day at the hotel.

In addition to the pool, those three locations also offer an indoor gym and sauna for their guests. Keep up on those daily workouts even when you have to be away from home.

On-Site Restaurant and Bar

When you visit the Apex Edinburgh Hotel you do not have to travel very far to be wined and dined in fashionable style. With a contemporary chic look that reminds you more of a posh restaurant than a hotel, these on-site establishments will guarantee that you are treated to a lavish meal and plenty of pampering. Whether you opt for a drink in the bar or a full meal at one of the award winning restaurants, you will leave feeling completely satisfied with your dining experience.

Friendly Service and Affordable Prices

Apex Edinburgh Hotel staff works hard to provide you with a memorable visit. Each location offers friendly service by staff members that are always there if you should need them. Each member of the staff will go above and beyond to make your stay pleasurable and ensure that you always have exactly what you want.

The Apex Edinburgh Hotels pride themselves on providing these luxury accommodations to you at rates that are affordable. Regardless of whether you are choosing the hotel for a business or leisure trip, you will find that the cost of the room is well worth the benefits you will receive once there.

Remember, with Apex Hotels, quality and superior service come as standard. Go ahead, book your Apex Edinburgh hotel break with us today…

Apex Edinburgh Hotels

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Apex Waterloo Place Hotel4 star logo Apex Hotels Locations

23-27 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, EH1 3BH

  • 187 Bedrooms (all non-smoking)
  • Elliot’s Bar & Restaurant
  • Pool, Gym, Sauna & Steam Room
  • 5 Meeting & Events Rooms
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hotels edin inter Apex Hotels Locations

Apex International Hotel4 star logo Apex Hotels Locations

31-35 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, EH1 2HS

  • 169 Bedrooms (all non-smoking)
  • Metro Bar & Heights Restaurant
  • Pool, Gym & Sauna
  • Charged Car Park
  • 6 Meeting & Events Rooms
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hotels edin city Apex Hotels Locations

Apex City Hotel4 star logo Apex Hotels Locations

61 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, EH1 2JF

  • 119 Bedrooms (all non-smoking)
  • Agua Bar & Restaurant
  • Use of Pool, Gym & Sauna
  • Use of Charged Car Park
  • 3 Meeting & Events Rooms
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hotels edin euro Apex Hotels Locations

Apex European Hotel3 star logo Apex Hotels Locations

90 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, EH12 5LQ

  • 66 Bedrooms (smoking and non-smoking)
  • Metro West End Bar & Brasserie
  • Free Car Park (limited spaces)
  • 3 Meeting & Events Rooms
hotelinformation Apex Hotels Locations