7.3bn boost to economy predicted due to UK Staycations

The pound in meltdownThe predictions by international travel firms of last year’s rise in UK stay at home holidays as a ‘flash in the pan,’ looks way wide of the mark, according to recent reports in the Express. It seems more than 35% of Britons will follow suit this year, a rise of 10% on last year, which translates to a 7.3bm boost to the UK tourism industry. There are some interesting findings in this report as to what lies behind these UK staycation intentions, not least of which is despite the harsh financial climate and rising cost of living, no less than 80% of us refuse to forego the annual summer holiday.

It seems that Britons are getting creative to pay for their holidays this year, by reducing food costs, making do with older items and selling possessions on eBay, but the good news is their chosen UK summer holidays will be cheaper this year than last, an average of £144.31 less to be precise, on a seven day break. Compared with an average foreign holiday costing £1,427.58, the price of staying in the UK, at around £400, is looking like a real bargain, even more so considering the great reviews staycations received last year.

Widely regarded as the fly in the ointment of UK travel is the excessive costs of rail travel and it seems Britons are avoiding this too, with 75% travelling by car and just 13% letting the train take the strain. Perhaps, being a small island is a real blessing in this regard and the best loved coastal destinations are never too far away. The most popular of these are in Cornwall, with Devon not far behind. The Lake District is always a popular choice too, as is Blackpool and the wide expanses of Wales and the Scottish Highlands.

Image: “The pound in meltdown by alancleaver_2000, on Flickr”

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