4 Child Friendly UK Attractions For Autumn

It always seems that little bit harder to take breaks or holidays when you have a baby. And somehow, when winter rolls around, the choices seem to dwindle. But not so! Don’t be put off by nasty weather or cold snaps. There are plenty of indoor-based activities to whizz your Bugaboo Bee pushchair around, happily taking your baby to some lovely places.

Here are five great baby-friendly places to take your children when the weather turns that little bit colder…


Zoos are a brilliant place to take very young children and babies. They learn incredibly quickly, and showing them different animals in real life is remarkably educational. Britain is full of excellent zoos, but Whipsnade between London and Bedford is an extra special draw. Now the largest wildlife park in Europe, it’s full of remarkable animals, including special displays. At the end of October, Whipsnade is opening ‘Hullabazoo’, a specially designed indoor play centre to help young children to understand animals and their habitats.

Eureka Museum

Halifax’s Eureka Museum is designed to help children learn more about themselves and world around them. While toddlers and juniors can really get involved, the museum has excellent facilities for babies. It’s a perfect destination for young families, catering to ages from very young babies to 11 year olds. There’s also the Eureka Nursery, which offers childcare during the summer holidays. In fact, OFSTED awarded the Eureka Museum an ‘Outstanding’ rating in November 2011. High praise indeed!

Blue Planet Aquarium

Within easy reach of Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool, the Blue Planet Aquarium at Ellesmere Port offers some truly eye opening undersea attractions. Offering underwater views thanks to their giant tanks, the aquarium is a draw for all ages who enjoy the wild varieties of marine life. One of the Blue Planet Aquarium’s main draws is the impressive shark tank, giving a close insight into these remarkable creatures. This award winning aquarium offers excellent facilities for young families, making it a great, year round destination.

Legoland Discovery Center

With a more educational touch than Legoland theme parks, the Legoland Discovery Center in Manchester’s Trafford Center make a great destination for young children. there are loads of different attractions within the Discovery Center, which includes the Lego Factory, 4D cinema, car building and racing, and even an earthquake platform to build a tower on to test the strength. This is a great way for kids to learn about construction while having fun in the process.

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