11 days to enjoy a short Easter break

Her First Easter Egg Hunt Anyone looking to get away for a short break this Easter can enjoy a rather fortuitous and unusual series of events, which can turn a 3 day break into an 11 day holiday. With Good Friday as late as April 22nd this year and the following weekend flanked by the Royal Wedding and Bank Holiday Monday, this means there are just 3 scheduled working days in between. Taking those days off work means 11 unbroken days of Easter fun. It is an opportunity not lost to many UK tour and travel companies, who are keen to attract visitors to UK destinations during this period.

Many will of course want to travel abroad and the Easter period will be the busiest of the year for Heathrow Airport, but this belies a very obvious and much documented collapse in overseas travel. Leading tour operator Thomas Cook has made significant cuts in the number of holidays offered due to demand slowing “noticeably,” with chief executive, Manny Fontenla-Novoa, blaming this on “fragile consumer sentiment.” Loss of consumer confidence has been largely attributed to ongoing unrest in many otherwise popular overseas destinations, but people are feeling the pinch at home too and will be spending their hard earned cash wisely.

So, while the overseas travel industry counts the billions lost, it does not necessarily follow that these losses will be the UK operators’ gain. Director of Wales Tourism, Julian Burrell, explains: “It (UK spending) goes up by a much smaller margin. There is certainly a mood from some people at the moment saying it’s very difficult.” The big winners then will be the holidays which offer the most for the least outlay and that means caravan parks and camping holidays. These are cost effective certainly and especially so when a short break can last 11 days.

Image: Her First Easter Egg Hunt by Divine in the Daily, on Flickr

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